This may be better than my Minecraft project.

I hope it gets to be a featured project.

Check it out! Clickr

how do you like it?

How normal clicker, it's enough good. I have a suggestion:
There where is a money variable, change this by graphic inscription. With this it'd like more good :upside_down_face:

I think it looks really well polished, and the animations are smooth too. Kind of reminds me of Clicker Heroes' layout.
It's really nice, but a pet peeve I have with it is I can't "Tap click" on a touchpad, so no stealthy clicker games for me.

Also, I agree with Niezna, having the [Money] be something else instead of a variable display would be easier on the eyes. It's a bit of an eye-sore as it is right now.

Thank you! I will make it show a pen text in the next update!

I absolutely love the smooth animation! Color-changing crystal thing is amazing, too. Same as above- money variable is an eyesore. (EDIT: Just saw you said you'll change that.)

I have another issue, though, if you legit want to turn this into a game: make it so you can only click, maybe once every 0.2-0.5 seconds? Turning on an autoclicker (an AHK one- a program with the most responsivity ever would report 120 clicks in a fraction of a second) really breaks the game.

Breaking meaning two ways: lots and lots of money and a really glitchy game from all the constant clicks.

Ill try to fix it!

pls optimize this game for mobile (Super slow on a fast device, and can't check shop prices before buying) also no I don't usually use snap on a tablet

ill look into it