Clicking on different x,y of the same sprite

Is is possible to customize the areas of a sprite to
get a different response depending on where you
click without having to create a different sprite for
each ?

Something like this:

Sprite A
When Click on x=200 to 250 & y=180 to 200
Do action A

Sprite A (again)
When Click on x=100 to 200 & y=150 to 180
Do action A

Tanks a lot for your feedback in advance


You can get the mouse pos x relative to the top-left corner of sprite by subtracting its left from the mouse x. You can do the same for mouse pos y, you subtract the sprite's top from the mouse y

untitled script pic (1)

((mouse y) - (my [top v] :: sensing))

define run(a) when x=(200) to (250) and y=(180) to (200)
if << mouse down >and<<<(x position)>(200)> and < (x position)<(250)>>and<< (y position)>(180)> and< (y position)<(200) >>>> then
set(time v) to(0)
repeat until <not< mouse down >>
change (time) by((1)/(30))
stop(this script v)

Thank you very much !

Thank you ! I am going to try this :slight_smile:

You're welcome. Tell me if it works!

The standard way to do things like this is sprite nesting. See page 10 of the manual. You can make a combined sprite with as many parts as you want. They all move as a unit, but receive clicks (or collisions, etc.) independently. You can clone the whole thing all at once.

Thank you!

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