Clicker Game / unsafe numbers / historical computers

I wanted my first topic on these forums to be something important but I guess that is just not real life.

I posted this on the Scratch forums but didn't get any responses so I thought I would try here.

Collect diamonds by clicking on the diamond and by buying robots that automatically collect the diamonds for you.

And you can send your program Back In Time to run on various historical computers.

When it returns your automatic collectors will have spent DECADES collecting diamonds.

Here’s the link and hope you enjoy playing it: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

One of the reasons that I wrote this project was to have the thrill of using unsafe numbers.

Everyday uses of 9 quadrillion to the last digit are rare. There is an old report where Paypal credited someone with $92 QUADRILLION and they made sure that every last dollar was returned. The population of ants is 20 quadrillion and you know it is important to count every last one.

And of course counting every last diamond of 10,319,547,419,658,830 diamonds is important. I thought it was fun to have something that went that high and kept counting.


My clicker game also has a time travel option.

The above is a picture of a vacuum tube computer from the 1940's and it's one of the historical computers that you can use to collect diamonds.

I considered having an option in the game to let people read a little bit more on the history of the women in this photo. But I know people don’t like to read things when they just wanted to play a game and also the stories of those forgotten six have been mentioned several times since they were “discovered” several years ago.

Extremely easy to get high numbers; I like it.