Click! devlog

Click Logo
Click! is a little project I'm working on, if you count little as an entire rewrite of Snap!
Click!'s editor is made using HTML, CSS, and JS.
I will be editing this post with updates for Click!, so if you're interested, check back from time to time.
Click! is currently hosted here and here on replit.



  • First documented version of Click!
  • Features: Block pallete, Code editor
  • Dragging does not work yet

why is the boolean called "lolxd" ?

how do you make the code run

thats a placeholder lol

Can't yet (hopefully in next update it will be working)

I can’t wait to see what happens

(Offtopic)No way I can’t believe they turned the Adam Sandler movie into a programming language

(On topic) looks cool so far!