Click after dragging

Ok, this has been an issue for as far as I can remember, but it's starting to get annoying.

The issue is, if you click and drag something, like the script area, then when you let go of the mouse, it clicks whatever is under it. For example, you drag the script area, but when you let go, there's a script under the mouse, so that script runs.

This is especially annoying on mobile because I need to drag to scroll, and making sure to let go when nothing is under my finger is hard.

It would be nice if you could fix this. I imagine it would be simple, just don't execute the click if a drag has been initiated.

I've tried to repeat the behaviour your describing but I can't seem to do so

I've dragged a block onto another script and then let go of the mouse and nothing is executed

Is this something that just happens on a tablet/phone?

How about clicking and dragging off a block onto a block (not dragging a block, the editor area)

I tested it on my touchscreen and this happened too.

This is even annoying when trying to browse long menus and you slip the finger out of the scrollbar on a touchscreen.

For those who don't get it:

You first, hold your mouse and drag your mouse to a block. When you release your mouse it just runs the script.