Clear pen from only 1 sprite

Is there a way to clear the pen from only 1 sprite

Uh... I don't think that's possible. I believe you can use pen trails block to remove specific pen trails, but that is extremely complicated.

hmmm lemme see

do you have an idea

Like @ten_6044 wrote, it's really difficult. The main issue is: there's only one pen, and one "pen trails" shared by all of the sprites.

If you are sure no other sprite is using pen commands from a certain moment, you could try something like:

(the first 3 blocks are a simulation of what other spites may have done before)

It's far from ideal, though: the old pen trails are a costume now, and will be handled differenly from new pen trails that may be added afterward. You may also need to save and restore the old "current" costume, among other things.

If, on the other hand, you want pen commands (including untitled script pic (77)) to be executed concurrently by different sprites as if each sprite had its own pen, you'll have to develop a whole new set of pen commands all by yourself. Doing that really well is a serious challenge, I guess.

I'm pretty sure each sprite has their own pen, but there is only 1 global pen trails. Think of it like the sprites are a collection of pens drawing on a piece of paper. You can't erase a specific line drawn by a single pen, because other pens can draw on top of it, and you'd need to know where the pen has gone.

Correct, my mistake!

I think you can use PASTE ON (in Pen) instead of putting the pen down.


Make a transparent sprite the size of the stage. Tell the one you want to draw with to PASTE ON that one. Then iirc if it STAMPs it'll stamp onto that invisible sprite instead of onto the stage. You could do the same thing for multiple sprites. Been a long time since I watched Jens and Jadga demo this, though.

PASTE ON stamps on the sprite, no need to use STAMP

Groovy, thanks.