Classtime (PLEASE HELP!) (Part 2)

Also, don't use fsul's cloud var blocks

im going to use them. i dont have a server.

so what?

they dont work

Update: faster chat reload time.


What do you mean "hacker?!"

Yo that's cool

deleted it, it doesn't work, but dont use fsul's cloud vars

Can we please work on fish eaters @sir_kitten, we can make the game!!!

Just made a test class, because it looks like some classes are getting deleted for some reason. We can test the class function there:

NAME: Test_Class

But when we are in a class, and a student is being rude, you don't ban him/her! That's like expelling a student for being mean in a class! It's more like putting the student in a time-out. The student cannot use the chat or do anything for a certain amount of time. The only thing the student can do is do assignments.

Also when the student gets put in time-out, I'm thinking of making some kind of algorithm to send a message to the student's parents saying "Your child has been put in a time-out for [TEACHER'S REASON]"

NAME: class_time_dev
CODE: dev

I want to leave this collaboration, please remove me

Hey, @slate_technologies, I'm going to need more buttons if we want to make a time-out system. Using the pen for buttons is getting really finicky because of the chat updating so quickly. So please make a button for the time-out.



How DO you want the button to look like? Also I'm not so sure about what I'm doing with ClassTime. We don't have a teacher login system and the teacher is just a student once he/she logs in. I think we should have some kind of Email confirmation

I was thinking about it to. Maybe have the teacher click a button and it asks for a teacher code?

I don't think we can send emails. Someone could switch to a port and view the teachers email, and say the person spams them. That's why we shouldn't use email verification.