Classtime (PLEASE HELP!) (Part 2)


he has to reload for it to take place

the security is good, its just he knew the name and code so he can join, so it wont matter.

ban him

Can you see my message in the chatroom

which one

he's saying stuff.... ignore or ban

I write 2 msg but i can't see these 2 msg

Adding new class

name: new_class
password: pass

username : Macaroni
password : yummy

umm... wat??? you are the hacker right?

he made a class join I think

yep. he sure did.

ima join

i just now realized both the accounts @-music- and @mac_cheese were made at the same time...

security update: if the person is on the blacklist, and opens the editor, as soon as it loads, it kills the webpage/computer. (it depends on the strength of the computer)

Why didn't you use normal names for the cloud vars?

because other software can over write the vars. so to lessen the chance, i make it random letters and numbers.