Class Login and Setup

Is there a way to create a classroom account for students who do not have an email address so they can save their projects. Ideally, it would be nice for the teacher to be able to access the projects as well.

When I taught I had the students all save to a USB thumb drive. Most schools have them use thumb drives anyway so it probably isn't a foreign concept to them.

We don't have that yet, but we know we need it!

Not at the moment, but it is something we are considering. You could have all students use the teachers email address.

Has Snap! addressed the class login issue yet? Also, if my students used different user names (assigned by me) and my email address is their work associated to their user name and not mine? If they forget their login or password OR decide to violate the terms and conditions is my account affected or only their username?

You are not going to get in trouble because of something your students do. The only consequence of using your email address is that you're the one to deal with forgotten passwords. And it makes us happy because if we have students' email addresses there's all sorts of stuff we're supposed to do to conform to various privacy laws. (And similarly, please don't use student IDs as their login names, because those are PII also.)