Circular spectrum (disco style)

This project uses the microphone spectrum and visualizes it in a pleasing way.

Play your favourite music and enjoy the show.

Nice! I'm surprised by the extent to which the results look like a somewhat squiggly circle. I was expecting to see, at any moment, one huge ray and smaller ones at its harmonics. But the only real regularity I saw is that some moments were very trebley and no bass, while others had both.

Speaking of bass and treble, I think it would be great if you could show a circular piano keyboard inside that inner circle, not all the way around but, say, one octave each side of middle C. I'm not sure whether you have exactly that information available -- could you tell reading the Reference Manual section on sound that I really have little idea of what I'm talking about?

I was in the BOF where you showed this project and was blown away. Really nice!

Do you mean something like this:

Please be aware that the representation of the notes in the inner circle doesn't correspond with the spectrum on the outside of the circle as the ranges are very different.

Right, no, I wanted them to correspond. I'm having a really hard time making sense of the frequency domain results from Snap! and was hoping your project could help me. If it turns out that the piano keyboard is just a sliver of the outer circle, I want to see that. (And I want Snap! to be able to adjust the range to make it more useful!)

None of this is a criticism of your program. I suppose it's a criticism of audio processing in Javascript.

PS Your inner circle looks more like a xylophone than like a piano. :~)

this is really great, and since I know how to make my computer audio be my mic, I tried it out with many songs (all of them from mario games)