Choosing a random item in a list in a variable

I am trying to make a script that chooses a random item from a list of items. The list is placed inside of a variable as seen here:
However it seems that doing this interaction is bugged as trying to select a random item in the variable does this:
or this:
But I only want it to return with one entry in the list, not the entire thing. What can I do about this?

What's in your list isn't what you think it is. If it were a list of nine items, it would look like the last picture in your post. What you really have is a list of two items, one of which is a list, i.e., you have a list of lists, a two-dimensional list. So, if you look at the first picture in your post, it has two rows. The second row is the list you think you have. The first row is empty (an empty string).

To get what you want, you could take ITEM RANDOM OF (ITEM 1 OF ...)) or, better yet, you could debug your program to see why you have that two-dimensional list in the first place.

Well what I'm trying to do is combine multiple lists into one variable.Say I have a list with "cat, dog, bird" in it and I have a list with "turtle, chicken, elephant". I would want to put both of these lists into one variable acing as one list. How can I do this?

I believe what you want is the append block.

untitled script pic (1)

This will combine multiple lists into a single list.

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