Check out what I found

While searching on Wikipedia for a list of programming language names because I wanted to make a programming language that doesn't share the name of a different one, I found Snap! on Wikipedia.

Now when was Snap! on this page? (And yes, it is this very website listed on the page.)

Yup, I've actually contributed to the wikipedia page.


Isn't there a price to do so?

Screen Shot 2022-05-29 at 5.04.06 pm
And it's maintained. Wow, I didn't know we were that significant!

It's not maintained as much as you think. it said 7.0.2 before my edit, which was back in december (I updated the page to say 7.3.1). Also, the image of the snap editor is still on snap 4.0.

Anyone can edit a wikipedia page for free.

There was always a Snap! Wiki page

This is fascinating :face_with_monocle:. I was on the snap’s wiki page. I’ve never contributed to wiki

(Bro I nearly leaked my ip :|||||)

That's the Snap! wiki. This is about the Snap! Wikipedia page.


Where is Unity's Bolt Scripting System? WE NEED TO ADD IT.


The screenshot is of the snap wikipedia page, not the snap wiki. Also, @danielthebanana4 was the creator of the snap wiki.

Yeah, that was on the Official Wikipedia. Not the unofficial wiki

I added Bolt by Unity! I had to edit both the Unity wikipedia page and the main "List of programming language names" wikipedia page.

Oh. Sorry. Kudos to you for creating the Snap! wiki, though.

Unfortunately Wikipedia deleted my part...:frowning:

Scratch has been deleted. Don't know why but it isn't where it was.

Just what happened?!


Read the picture. It says

"A simple custom block in the Snap! visual programming language."

How did I not hear about this until 2021?!

Scratch is showing for me on the wikipage

My comment was 4 days ago. By then someone probably fixed it.

Thats really funny how it says that snap! was inpired by scratch with a link to scratch but on the list it apparently dosent show...