Check out some of my new projects!

Continuing from "Check out some of my new games!", here are some more projects i made.
Patterns & Pens / Line-Circle maker is a project where you can create your own circle out of lines. You can adjust the volume of the frequency, the maximum amount of lines that can be active, the distance between each line in steps, and the base color for each line.
Patterns & Pens / SNAP/PAINT is a painting app in Snap! with currently 4 pen types and 2 utilities. I'm going to release 1.06 between September 7 and 10, and expect new features when it releases like some UI. Read the description for more information!
No collection / Catch the enemy is a game where you have to click on the enemy that moves faster as it shrinks to shrink it, with each bounce growing it a little. The music gets faster as he becomes smaller, and he disappears when he's too small. Our first game here.
Finally, we have Guess The Face! It's a game where you have to guess the face's expression to gain points, and if you get it correct you can get exchangable wins, which are worth 20 points each, and you can do that by pressing 0.

That's all for now. If you have any thoughts, suggestions, concerns, or questions of any project listed in this topic, please let me know by sending a reply.

i use turbowarp more than Snap! but nice project bruvvah

Finally a reply. I use turbowarp a bit more than Snap! too. Anyways thanks for your feedback!