Check out some of my new games!

Here are some games i made:

Cloners - a game where you automatically create as many clones as possible, unlock new abilities and reduce the time. How far can you go? [Update tomorrow]

Messages - a game where you send an insane amount of messages by unlocking new abilites and increasing exponents to eventually reach infinity. [x2 messages - Release event (Expires monday)]

Miss Pong - pong but the ball uses simple acceleration&friction features and you deduct deaths to grow your paddle and gain reputation. [Most recent!]

ExPong - pong but the ball gets exponentially faster and you ascend it to gain even more speed until you break the game.

Bouncers - a game where you make turtle bounce so much that it will eventually break the game. [Currently in beta. Might finish it tomorrow!]

I honestly think that these are unique games. Let me know if you have games that have a similar plot to any of these ones.

I will create more games in the future and share them using a part 2 of this topic, but that's all for now.

Nice games. Welcome to the forum!