Chat censoring?

I have been wondering, "why doesn't the Snap forums have censoring for curse words?". This feature is usually in lots of forums and any games that allow you to chat, but people are always looking for different ways to just type in a mean word. My concern about Snap not having this feature is that it allows people to say technically whatever they want. Although you can flag comments it still doesn't protect others from seeing it until it is covered. So, my solution to this is maybe Snap could add this feature which would block you from saying curse words or any others that they might want to add. I have met many kids that learned bad words through the internet (I met them through baby sitting). They have told me that they see these words usually in social websites and games. This really hurts my heart to see that this bad habit is spreading to younger kids. So maybe Snap could look into adding this feature to prevent mean words from invading the chat. I understand that you can not always protect the website from this but its worth a try.


well, curse words are basically cuss words, just a different terminology.

Curse words are already banned.

Not as far as I know, I've seen many people cursing inside topics...

yeah like kumi

lol my point

The only reason it turned into, your so call "curse word topic" was because you were technically harassing Kumi, I do not want to argue with you but that isn't a curse word topic.

its banned

ok, so abt the censor thing...will it be like the filter bot in scratch? also, will there be a list of bad words? or will it be the most common words in reports?

Most likely like the filter bot on Scratch, and that part will be up to the Snap developers.

It is banned, you just need to report it.

the filter bot on scratch can go to hell. (and hell is not a curse word) It doesn't even work, and u end up getting muted for saying normal everyday words, like, okay, yes, please, not today, i'll work on it..and goodness knows what else. so it had BETTER NOT BE like the Scratch filter bot.

Well just a filter bot in general...and yes I know that hell isn't a curse word-

well, some people are halfwits and don't know the difference between the word "hell" and cuss words.

well yeah can't say I don't agree

im very religious, & i find it blasphemous when some1 says, "go 2 hell," bc only God can decide who can enter the underworld, not his servants (us.) not only that, but its incredibly impudent as well.

on the other hand, im a huge libertarian (maybe even anarchist). this is my fave phrase:
i may disagree with what you say but i will defend to the death your right to say it. so im fine if you say you use the word "hell," but i wouldnt use it.

And this makes the point that whether something is a "bad word" depends on the context in which it is used. That's what makes algorithmic filtering hard.

I have more than once had something I wrote bounced at Scratch for reasons I couldn't figure out. Honestly, I think all the fuss about words just makes them more strongly on people's minds rather than directing attention elsewhere.

Scratch uses a commercial software filtering service that ordinarily costs several thousands of dollars but was donated to them. And even that one isn't good enough. If we just wrote our own simple software with a list of banned words I promise you'd start complaining about it right away.

<rant>Why can't y'all just be mature about how you use the forum instead?</rant>

when i say "go to hell" i don't really mean it. i often mean get lost....

Are swears in projects permitted? I don't think banning those will be good, although there doesn't seem to be a legitimate reason to swear in the forums.

I don't think there's really much reason to differentiate. I was fine with the occasional swear even in the forum, but some of the participants were uncomfortable about it. I guess projects are a little less in your face than forum posts. But, as I always say, it all depends on the context. Gratuitous swearing just because you can is immature and sounds immature. But if it's really needed to tell a story, to make the characters sound authentic, or if you've just hit your thumb with the hammer, that's different.

well, first of all, you cant even chat on snap!