Character limit error

uh... when I clicked reply, this showed up

I didn't type anything.

That number seems weirdly specific.

well, I did at one point paste a very very long string into the text box, but that was before a few of my other posts, on the same topic, so I think it might've been a saved draft from a while ago.

What's that?

The post was reported because it was off topic. It was probably a bot, or just some kid who had no idea what snap was. Also, there's no need to reply to reported posts.

Oh, but still, what is a long path tool?

I have no idea, but that's not important. There have been many new users who posted something that made no sense and posted about something completely unrelated to the topic, so just ignore things like this. As I've said, it's probably a bot. Don't ask about things in flagged posts.