Changing the color of a SVG sprite using the Looks Blocks


I need to change randomly the color of a personal SVG sprite, in some known ranges of H,S,V.
I don't really understand what are the exact definitions of :

  • color effect
  • saturation effect
  • brightness effect vee script pic

In the help of those blocks, you can find that those parameters are numbers from -100 to 100.
And I've read in this closed post :

The colour effect is the hue, which is why the sprites is red. The brightness effect is the brightness times two minus 100, and the saturation effect is 100 less than the saturation.

First, my sprite is not red at the beginning of the script...
Unfortunately, the fabulous new library colors and crayons doesn't help me.
Does anyone have the kindness to tell me how I can process ?

And I need also to fix a special HSV color for my sprite.
In this wikipedia article :

I found simple tables that helps me choose specific colors, like this one :

If I want to fix for example H=150°, S=3/4, V=7/8, how can I do ?

Can you upload your sprite to a site somewhere so we can play around with it please.

Here are three costums I need to play with. Thank you !

If a costume isn't a single hue/color, it has to be turned into a single known hue before its hue is then changed to another fixed value.

Similar applies to saturation and brightness

If the original sprite is not a plain single colour, then all that can be achieved is a relative shift of HSV values

Ok, thank you. Understood.

But I don't find in the documentation the exact correspondance between

and HSV. Could you give it to me ? Thank you.

AFAIK there isn't any

For each pixel in the costume, the effects say how much to add to that pixel's H, S, or V. So, a positive color effect causes a blue shift, like a star that's moving, umm, toward us, I think? But hues wrap around, so if the pixel starts out blue and you use a positive color effect, it could become red.

For the other two, bear in mind that a full-intensity spectral color has both S=100 and V=100, and you can't get any higher than that, so if your initial costume is a rainbow, it only makes sense to use negative effect values. But if some pixels are other than spectral colors, then positive saturation or brightness effect can make them more colorful.

I think that's all right...

I'll try with your explanation. Thank you.

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