Changing rotation point on SVG costume requires another twist

  1. What browsers show this problem?
  2. Please share an example project (if possible).
    Problem goes away when you save and open a project.
  3. Describes the steps to reproduce this issue.

a) pick a svg costume
b) execute the "pen down" and "move" blocks so you know where the costume rotation point is.
c) change the rotation point in the costume editor. In a bitmap costume, the sprite will jump in the stage so the new rotation point is at the same point on the stage. For an svg costume, there is no jump.
d) execute the "move" block and see that the rotation and writing point has not change
e) any rotation will cause the Snap to recognize the new rotation point, i.e. executing turn, point in direction, and point towards block will fix the problem. Moves do not help so the move, go to, change x, set x does not fix the problem.
Saving and reopening the project will fix it too.

  1. What does Snap! currently do?
  2. What should Snap! do instead?
    Not a big problem but it would be nice if you can get svg costume to work like bitmap costume with respect to changes in the rotation point.

Thank you for the report.