Changing file names?

Apologies if this should be self-explanatory -- but is there a way to remove a file after I've saved it, or to change the name of a file after it's been saved? I'd really like to clean up my Snap files but haven't figured out a way to do that!

If you mean your cloud storage, then click on file icon, then select open and find the file that you want to delete

select it and click on delete button

One way to rename is to open the project in the editor, save it as it's new name and then go thru the procedure above to delete it from the cloud storage

I recommend doing those in the other order!

That's a good #TopTip :slight_smile:

I'll edit my post :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!!

open your browser console, and put

ide.setProjectName('New Name Here')

itll change the name of whatever project you have open

This will change the name of your project in memory, but not on the cloud unless you save under the new name -- in which case you might as well just save it under the new name the regular way instead of showing off in Javascript. ;~P

oh please, if i was trying to show off id show off something like this


yes of course you will need to save it. but in snap the only way i know how to change the project name is to save as, which duplicates the project and thats not what im trying to do. if i just want to simply change the name, and maybe im not sure about it and i try a few titles i dont want to be duplicating my projeect every time i edit its name. if theres a better way by all means, im all ears. but the javascript function does exactly what im looking for and im having a hard time understanding why its not even implemented into snap already.

We have it; it's called "save as." The project's name in memory is just a convenience so next time you can just do Save instead of Save As.

im talking about a way to change the project name explicitly without duplicating it.

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