Change your Snap! username.

Dear fellow Snap! users,

Is there a way to change your Snap! username, shown in the forums, on your public page, and everywhere else?
I assumed, that like Scratch, there is not, because there was no button for it on the "My Profile" page on the main Snap! website.
So, I began creating a new account under my new username, and as I started to get accustomed to my new account, I found out that there was a way to change my username from the forums: under Preferences, next to the Username section, there is a pen button.
I quickly deleted the new account from the main Snap! website, and returned to my old account to use this feature to change my username. However, on my old account, the pen button next to my username in the Forums preferences page wasn't there, so I couldn't change my username.

Can someone please explain this and show me the correct way to change my username everywhere it is mentioned, or clarify that such a way does not exist?

Doesn't exist.

The forum is a separate piece of software that we didn't write. There's a standard for transmitting login information from one site to another; I think it's the same thing that powers all those "Sign in with your Google account" buttons you see everywhere these days. So you can log into the forum with your Snap! account. In fact that's the only way to log into the forum, I believe.

So, the forum letting you change your login is a bug. Someone will get around to fixing it eventually. :~/

Thanks! Is the ability to change usernames ever going to be considered, or is it going to be left out for similar or different reasons to Scratch?

EDIT: Also, when accounts are deleted, is the old username free again or is it gone forever?

I guess I have to understand better why this is a Thing. I mean, I've known Scratchers to go through three usernames in a year, but people just get confused, I think.

I just have trouble seeing this ever get to the top of the list of needed features, rather than that we're against it in principle.

About deleted accounts, I don't think we should let the name be available quickly. Maybe, you know, seven years later, like when you get to throw out your old tax return papers (in the US anyway). Otherwise there's too much likelihood of someone getting in trouble about someone else's actions, etc.