Change [ v] Effect by () and Change [ v] Effect by () Blocks

In Scratch, there is Change [ v] Effect by () and Change [ v] Effect by () Blocks. In Snap!, there's none. Why none?

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Also, if you're asking someone to do something, it's counterproductive to YELL AT THEM.

Sound Blocks not Looks developer

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Is that what you're looking for?

Nope. Change () Effect by () (Sound block) - Scratch Wiki Set () Effect to () (Sound block) - Scratch Wiki Clear Sound Effects (block) - Scratch Wiki

Our CHANGE BALANCE does the stereo pan thing. As for changing the pitch, that wiki page says they do it by changing the sample rate, which you can do like this:
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How about pitch??? :alonzo:

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I am unclear what pitch means in effects,but it means to turn around the x axis in 3d engines.

It means to change speed or something I don't know :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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Bh just said

In the context of sounds, "pitch" basically means frequency, except really it's the logâ‚‚ of the frequency to line up with the frequencies of the notes on the piano keyboard. These days that means that pitch = MIDI number.

??? It saids


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