Change title

I don't want to necropost, so...

What is getters and setters?

It was constructive, I think you were allowed to do that.



Oh... that's because I learned my lesson on scratch... even though its constructive...
So i made a new topic just in case.

So... what is "getters and setters" ?

Snap! is different, Scratch is a piece of s*it.


"Getters and setters" is a Snap! library. Click File/Libraries.../Getters and Setters.
getters and setters


Oh... thanks! :smile:

Hmm..... why does it make a duplicate of the project with different title?

You changed the title of the current project in memory. When you say to save it, it's saved under the new name. We don't (so far, anyway) have a way to change the title of a project in the cloud.

Oh... ok then :slight_smile:

so that's why I'm not able to rename projects on anymore

also, a better title for this topic would be "What is getters/setters"

Wait, you could before? Not copy, but rename the existing copy?

it was when I started using snap, so last year I could, but then this year, when 6.0 released, I couldn't rename projects anymore (and I never bothered to ask about it, lol)

Oh right this was a defensive patch against corruption of projects that seemed to be related to changing things from the web site (vs. from Snap! itself). Eventually the underlying problem will be found and fixed knock on wood.