Change the text on the reply buttons on the forums

I've seen people keep on accidentally replying to the last user who posted instead of OP and its annoying. Changing the text on those buttons would help with that problem, here is a concept (made with and the inspect element):

I would prefer the index of a post within a topic to be permanently displayed as part of the post, and cited in replies (instead of the user name of the post that the reply refers to).


useless bump :skull:

It's theoretically possible for us to customize any text in Discourse, but when the text in question is just the word "Reply," it's hard to figure out which one to edit. So this may be too complicated a project for us to undertake soon, if ever.

okay, thanks for explaining.

Just use inspect to figure out the class, then search for that in the code. (Idk how discourse works, so don't take my word for it)

Oh, maybe. I could try...

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