Change how the Pen drawing registers slightly

So far, I really have been enjoying Snap. It's a level above scratch in terms of complexity and capability that I haven't been able to find elsewhere. However, I am trying to port my circle physics engine from Scratch to Snap, and am encountering an issue with how the Pen registers drawing; the Pen only seems to draw when it is in movement, however for my drawing technique in my engine I simple call PenDown and PenUp to draw a circle for the best performance, since manually drawing a circle is incredibly slow (more than 360 times slower!) my request is that the PenDown block should simply start drawing as soon as it is called, or maybe have a new block called "Blotch" or something that allows this.

Welcome to the forum, kitchenboy08!

To draw a dot, say:
untitled script pic (20)

Drawing a dot doesn't require movement by the way.

Ah okay thanks, probably shouldve tested this, just little differences :wink:

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