Change cursor

how do you make a script that changes what the cursor looks like?


these change cursor but the second one makes your cursor dissapear

but where do i put it?

run javascript function[script]

Well this could be done with some javascript and css.

cursor: pointer;

you will need to find some code to change the css with some javascript. and use the javascript block

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please show a picture of the script in snap please, i still dont understand

untitled script pic
It works!

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Thanks to you! You gave me an idea for my SnapV!

lil thing i made with it:
untitled script pic
the cursor type thing is a drop down menu with options default, pointer and none

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Same, I'm going to make a drop down of options

SnapV script pic

@biran4454 has a project with cool JavaScript blocks, and one of them changes the cursor.

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No.The default of cursor type should be either hand or pointer.

SnapV script pic (1)

default is a valid option for the cursor type, and it sets the cursor to the browser's default cursor.

ok so it means pointer