Ceoeo's Adventure

Enjoy the demo for my latest game. This took quite some time to make. Also, it is quite challenging.

Ceoeo's Adventure

That's pretty good!

If I'm being honest that's a creative use of the sprite effects!!

Yay another boss fight game :D
You are the inspiration for all the boss fight games I'm making, and now I might just make my own pixel art ship

This is really fun!
There's a pretty massive difficulty spike when the tiny enemy ships appear, though.


How do you pronounce Ceoeo?

I was working on a new enemy to add to the game. You can press h on your keyboard to activate it (for now).



Ok. I got a second boss working. You must defeat the first one and get past some enemies.

Here is a teaser. You will have to play (or hack the game) to find the actual boss design.