Case detection

How do I detect casing of a character without using costumes?

The is () identical to () ? block does case-sensitive comparison.

Oh, maybe that's not what you meant... Look at the Unicode of () and Unicode () as letter blocks.

Sorry, I forgot to add, I meant in the key down block.

Oh. No idea, but there have been bunches of threads on detecting modifiers such as Shift, so I'm sure one of those people will know...

Oh this actually works

Untitled script pic-2

I didn't know you can do that. I am surprised.

This is not the way to detect string casing.Just detecting modifier keys

I think you missed this bit

This seems to work for me

I mean the case detection in a string

(sigh) Once again you ignore the question that was actually asked, so that you can show off knowing something else. At least it wasn't about Javascript this time. :~(

P.S. You do know a lot, and when you make the effort, you can be very helpful. But in the past few weeks you're not making the effort.

Yes it is. String.prototype.toLowerCase() :~(


while it is a little slow

Oh sorry

Why do you sound so enthusiastic about disappointing people?


I meant in the forum.


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