Carter2210's SCP Engine


A thing that allows you to write SCPs and other things without needing a Wikidot account. This can also be used for other, non SCP-related stuff as well.

I forgor to mention in the desc, you use the scroll wheel to scroll (if it wasnt obvious enough)
@carter2210 is yet again, not responsible for you being reported.

There are lots of undefined blocks in the Stage.

it includes the Words, Sentences blocks. maybe thats the reason why because it looks normal to me

maybe show a screenshot of the problem

alonzo removed the bump :skull:

2 DAYS after it came out Sigma-10 Released
guess its time to update

Just released Version 1.5, it only adds Sigma-10 theme and quotes in collapsibles. as well as a thing that shows you how to make tables

Bumping isnt really appreciated much here, just make an update to your project and post about it. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

okay srry

Nonono its fine its just no one does it. As long as your posting about an update or a new feature you should be fine

okay thx for the info

V2 is out yay
Now with:
Horizontal Scrolling
Extra Default Header

Why was this flagged?

what do you mean?

No one ever bumps on here.

huh? you quoted yourself and replied to someone else

yes, i know

i was answering their question

why did you quote yourself then