Card game engine

I need this in my blackjack game:

Card game engine (all by me)

The engine is in french...

deck list ("Pile" in french):

Do you want to know how to make the list in the program, how to use it, or what?

All is done, i just share the blocks

I don't speak French, (except for a few things, for example "French" in French is "Français") so I don't know what everything in the project is.

I work on an english version for all

Could you share the link? (Even if it isn't done.)

i will share when english is done

Translation of the blocks complete (not all the comments but some comments)

Just to help, the "a 52 cards", "a 54 cards", and "a 104 cards" should be "a 52-card", "a 54-card", and "a 104-card".

Thank you

normally, in your project, don't do anything in the sprite "all cards"

In an another sprite you can call the blocks with "tell AllCards" or "ask AllCards"

You didn't remove the "s"s. And, the return values, if words, are in French.

As of now, it's not possible to sense what the user's selected language is without JS.

I will not translate everything ... I will translate the minimum for your understanding ...

I made an example in the sprite "Your sprite"