Capslock key

small enhancement: make the all the sticky keys not sticky, and add a capslock on? block.

sorry i've been making a lot of topics recently :neutral_face:. this is just a small enhancement :slight_smile:

You can do, to detect when a sticky key is pressed:
if <key [sticky v] pressed> then
wait (1) frame::control
if <not<key[sticky v]pressed>> then
say[sticky key pressed]

the problem with the capslock key is that it is sticky forever once you press it.
also, that's the same for all the sticky keys.

This block corrects SOME common stickiness issues
keysPressed.2 script pic
Test project with extra
keysPressed.2 script pic (1)
keysPressed.2 script pic (2)
and a playground to experiment with.

good, but it doesn't have a capslock on? block, and doesn't work with the key [] pressed? block. seems to be broken.

you're <any of key pressed?> block doesn't really work. I've fixed that with this.

You were right.

keysPressed.2 script pic (9) is an excellent idea to flexible variadic params
keysPressed.2 script pic (11)

but i preffer to use it this way
keysPressed.2 script pic (14)
keysPressed.2 script pic (13)

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