Can't Use Gravatar

As some of you probably know, I like to change my profile picture a lot. Gravatar is a great feature for changing my profile picture on every website that supports it. I decided to try Gravatar here but it can't find a Gravatar for my email address because it is some randomly generated email from Snap!. It looks like this: I tried changing the email, but there is no option.

I had the same problem. Also, nice pfp!

Snap! might not support it at all thus it probably won’t be supported in the future?

Also I always love your profile pictures and everything you do with your profile pictures.

We're talking about the forums?


But still this would also be a Discourse issue.

They’re amazing:)

No, read this:

Probably an issue on how the forums link with Snap!.


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Honestly, this one isn't my favorite.
I like this one the best:
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It's my wallpaper

I think your previous one (the gif) was the best!

Actually it's not. The snap team made emails to snap accounts have an id, because snap accounts with the same email couldn't log into their account on the forum. For example, I have @ego-lay_atman-bay and @egolay_atmanbay-2 which both have the same email. Before, whenever I would try to log into my second account on the forum, it would log me into my main account, because they had the same email. That is a problem with discourse. The way the snap team fixed that, was by adding a +[id] before the @ sign in the email on each account, so that the email would be the same email, but not the same text on each account.

They mainly did this because schools might use the same email for many accounts.

how did u get roblox on a chromebook??

Thanks for the explanation.

It’s available on chrome book…..?

time to download roblox then
edit: ...
edit 2: UGHHH

School chrome book?

Edit: why can’t I add details thing on iPad anymore?
I also found Joecooldoo’s Roblox account, it wasn’t that hard lol.

yes :(

That is weird

I managed to get it on my ipad by selecting text, then tapping hide details. Another way would just to be to type


So, back to the original topic, that email address is always the same for any one account; it's not random each time you log in. And it should work in Gravatar. Doesn't it, really?

You should be able to create a gravatar account with the forum email account.

We use the +snap-id-X format because in Gmail (and a few other providers) this "tag" maps to your same inbox / account. Discourse requires that every email address be unique, and there's not an easy way around it.

Great, it worked!

Its on the playstore

school chromebook :frowning: