Can't type in ask box

Please fill out these questions for all feature requests and bug reports. If you're requesting a feature, please let us know why this feature is important or useful, not just what it should do.

  1. What browsers show this problem? Chrome (I haven't tried it in other browsers)
  2. Please share an example project (if possible).
  3. Describes the steps to reproduce this issue. Hold A and click the Sprite in the middle to add a song from the Repository to the Queue.
  4. What does Snap! currently do? The ask box correctly shows up, but I am unable to type in it on the project page, but I can type in it on the editor.
  5. What should Snap! do instead? Allow me to type in it on the project page as well as on the editor.

Hi! Interesting project.

I can't reproduce your problem. Sometimes, depending on where I last clicked, I have to click in the answer box in order to type there. Can that be what you're experiencing?

But I do see a different problem, which is that if I hold down A while clicking the sprite, I get a bunch of As in the answer box, because of the brief but nonzero time after clicking the sprite and before letting go of the A key. I would consider a different user interface. For example, when you click the sprite, it waits for you to type something to decide what to do. Click the sprite then type A for add.

On a Chrome browser on a different device, the ask box works like it should.

Ah. On what device did it fail?

I believe this is my fault. Looking into it now...

I'm sorry, I can't actually take a look now, I have to go :frowning:

I promise I'll take a look at this and hopefully fix it tomorrow. In case @cycomachead or someone else has the time to look into it, I think it is because of my fix to this issue, but I wonder why things like [ when key [ v] pressed ) aren't affected by this.

I can confirm the issue comes from my fix to the scrolling issue. I've temporarily disabled it from the live instance. I'll study it in more detail tomorrow and come up with a better fix.

Okay. This has been fixed now, along with the scrolling issue.

That took surprisingly long, I need more rest! :tired_face: