Cant set min slider range to 10k

I made a simple refraction project and I need precise numbers (like 1.3525). so I made my number sliders to 10k to 20k and divide the value to 10k while calculating stuff. so number is going to be between 1 to 2 with decimals. then I realised when I try to make my min slider range to 10k.. it makes it 99 after saving the project. any solutions? yeah my project is still working but basically half of my sliders are useless because there isnt a refraction index lower than 1. well I can make my sliders to 5k to 10k and divide it to 5k so I can get 1 to 2. but its confusing. when I want to use some real numbers like 1.5.. i gotta use the 7.5k value.

any help about precise number slider stuff is appreciated

edit the xml

I tested it out, and yeah, it happens. This is a definitely a bug that needs to be fixed. I think you should change the category to #bugs:snap-bugs

what do you mean by that?

he means by downloading the project, then editing the contents of the file using a text editor and modifying the xml to make the slider min values bigger than 99. It's a lot trickier that way, and it's not the intended way to edit projects.

mhm. I checked the file and it also contains 3 sliders; 2x 10k to 20k and a 0 to 90. which is correct. so im assuming that it happens "while" you are loading the project to run it on browser. hm

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