Can't open project

So, I'm working on a project for class. I tried to open it to work on it today, but an error message pops up saying- " Load failed: TypeError: Cannot read property 'type' of undefined " I have tried using the recover button, and refreshing the page, nothing works.

I am also having this issue. I realize that this error/bug only affects projects which use a javascript function block.

I am also struggling to open projects. I am unable to access any work done by my students, other than the project they have been working on for 4 days now. Is this a server issue?

Same here. An example can be found on this project which was good last week. To my knowledge, it does not use a javascript function block. Other projects are also affected and the issue persists across browsers (latest versions of Chrome and Firefox).

I just noticed this problem this morning. I have other projects that I have been able to open previously, but now show that same error. I haven't changed any of them since I last opened them. Chrome.

yep, I can reproduce this, have found and fixed the bug. Waiting for the patch to be installed online, then you'll again be able to open the project. Hang on!

Looks like even if you open up a new Snap project, as soon as you start working with list Snap! will freeze up. Hopefully this is part of the same problem.

same thing, yes. Once the fix is installed lists will work again.

We've just now installed the patch, you should be able to open your projects again. Sorry for the hassle!

Checked and it works - thank you for the fast response and hard work!

It works now, thank you!