Can't login to Snap! when running own local server

I run my own local webserver for a Snap! instance and it all used to work fine until I updated my browser and then I got this message when attempting to login

tried on two other browsers (Chrome and Edge) and same issue

Is anyone else running Snap! from a local server and getting this issue?

i think it may be a CORS issue

Uh, I think this goes under #advanced-topics

Its a local server why would login work?

I tried it based on this post

and it worked (up until today that is)

It's on the knownDomains list


This should work now, but there's a new issue with us running out of DB connections for some obscure reason, which broke the front page...

I'm on it :frowning:

I'm back in thanks :slight_smile:

I don't know if this is related to the bug or not but earlier at around nine-o-clock, i went to this project

and it gave me a weird text string instead of a project page