Can't connect board

I have StandardFirmata on my Arduino UNO. I pressed "Connect Arduino". But when I hit the block "arduino connected?" it returns false.


Hi @sir_kitten2 ,

What version of Snap4Arduino are you trying?
Desktop version is the most robust, and then, the best option.
But maybe you are testing with the web version... Then, are you using Chrome/Chromium and has you installed the Snap4Arduino connector into that browser extensions?


I'm in firefox.

has you
have you

I think jguille2's native language is Catalan, so ...

"have you" of course. Sorry!

Yes, Catalan is my language. And I'm also a native Spanish speaker.... And yes, my English is quite horrible... but that "have-has" mistake was just an oversight :slight_smile:

And returning to the initial question... Firefox is not an option for connecting devices to Snap4Arduino.
Chrome/Chromium with the connector installed (Snap4Arduino connector - Chrome Web Store)... or just install the Desktop version.


I just wanted to test it. For now, I'll use the Arduino IDE.

Ok, go for it!

Only note that Snap4Arduino (beyond allowing dynamic programming for the Arduino board) is the tool to connect your physical world to your Snap! projects.
It is not created (or not only) to create Arduino projects... The main goal is to extend Snap! features.