Can't close block editor for a block

I was moving the block definition of a local block to a global block (because I couldn't seem to export a local block). The block was recursive so it opened up a dialog saying that there were some local blocks that couldn't be used. After replacing each local block, I pressed OK. Nothing showed up but the block editor window didn't close. None of the other buttons worked. I also tried pressing "Edit..." on the same block but that didn't change anything.

Also I replaced the blocks by pressing "Relabel..." then clicking on my desired global block. The location icon is still on the left when I do this.

Also after exporting the block and importing the block, the recursive calls were replaced with untitled script pic

Uhh I tried dragging the global block into the definition instead of pressing "Relabel..." but then this happened

yeah, sometimes that happens to me too. I think a solution is to save the project and reopen it.