Cannot operate on a deleted sprite, but its not deleted?

no idea why this is happening but i cannot get this to work properly

this is the same no matter what i try to do with it
move it out of a custom block

it prob has something to do with non temporary clones

okay aparently i cannot use ANY object blocks or it thinks its deleted even if its not a clone, although this does give some humorus resaults

If you could show us the entire project, maybe we can help you a little easier.

Or at least don't crop the picture so we can't see the block that errored! :~(

By the way, do you really want sprites rather than costumes?


i replaced the sprites that where technically clones and it still doesnt work

the issue seems to be the "tell a new clone of myself" block, when i remove that and only run it on the main sprite it works fine.

i had to make a new sprite for each arrows hit and it "works" it just gets EXTREMELY laggy if theres more than 1 clone at a time

why cant you script pic so we can edit the blocks

it doesnt really matter now because im using pen stamp and a diffrent system but i did save most of the code and would like to use clones for hit detection
rythm script pic

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