Cannot connect to Arduino Uno Wifi Rev2 server

Cannot connect to my Arduino Uno Wifi Rev2 board running SNAP! on Chrome. I added a Access-Control-Allow-Origin extension. I know this works because url block with returns blank when ACAO is off and returns data when ACAO is turned on. I use the Arduino IDE and load EXAMPLE/WiFiNINA/SimpleWebServerWifi which creates a http web server at
I can go to a chrome browser window and my iPhone safari window and successfully access the web server, so i know the web server is working. but when I use the url block or the custom "method url payload header" block from the Web services access library, I get nothing; it just returns a blank.
What am I missing?

Maybe your problem is in the web protocol.

If your webserver only run "http", you can't use it with the "url block" if you Snap! is over "https".

You must implement "https" in you your web server or use another Snap! instance (for example running over "http".

Or you could use the extensions mirror, which is HTTP-only:

You guys are genius. Used the extensions mirror for http only and it works. thank you so much.

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