Can you send packets to a website using snap

I just want to know if its possible so I can turn my phone into a streamdeck type thing for my computer. If not ill just close the topic.

I mean maybe?
The network mqtt library


I let’s you send and request things from the interent

And also the https request blocks

can you clarify what you mean by "packets"?
fwiw code in browsers can only use http(s) or websockets

information/requests to perform an action

Then you should be able to.

I just don’t get why you would use snap!
It might be better to use another programming language

Like Python for instance. It's easy to learn and understand.

If you want to do a stream deck-type tool, take a look a BitFocus Companion which includes a web app view of stream deck. It's open source, so you can also poke around and see how they build things.

While you can't send a raw packet directly with an HTTP request, you can absolutely send a message to to some service on your computer, as long as it knows who to accept/process a URL, including the companion app. The MQTT library is also an option to build something similar as long as you have a program on your computer which knows how to intercept MQTT messages.

thanks for the tips it reminded me of something I can do

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