Can you sell access to a Snap! Project?

I was wondering this because its a question i have.

Now, i know that you cant sell access to a snap project

but can you sell access to a snap! project not saved to the Snap!Cloud at all, cause i know theres like a bunch of restrictions that aren't saved to the cloud, but what about a project like just the .xml file and not on the website?

Just a question.

uhhhh, i would think not if you still made it here but if its translated to a different coding lan then maybe...

If you Share or Publish a project stored in our cloud, it must be CC licensed. There is no licensing requirement for projects not in our cloud, nor for projects stored privately in our cloud (although nobody can use your project through our cloud if you don't Share or Publish it; you'll still have to store the xml elsewhere to distribute it).

The required license is CC-BY-NC-SA, so you are not required to allow other people to use (or modify) your project for commercial purposes. You're encouraged to license it CC-BY-SA for it to qualify as "free software."

So, i can make a game private access not on snapcloud but the file if i were to license it?

If it's not stored on our cloud, you can do whatever you want with it.

Having said that, we really, really want to encourage users to view themselves as part of a mutually supportive community, rather than see Snap! as a platform for commercial development.

You can't sell the project and expect to get money by selling more of the project, you can only sell the licenses to the project and not own it anymore.

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