Can you make variables update real-time?

So basically, variables that report stuff like the X position or Y position of an object don't report real-time. And I don't like it.

Scratch has a very good system of these variable reporters because they update real-time and don't make scripts become pains to code.

I think it's like this because jens doesn't want to update variable watchers every frame. My workaround is to just create my own watcher (e.g. forever {clear all; go to (0) (0); write (var)})

i agree

Or use the ones @joecooldoo and I made.

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my usual solution:

untitled script pic(34)

if you are ok with javascript
world.childThatIsA(StageMorph).watcherUpdateFrequency = -1 


I'll see for size. I remember size updating real time was not a thing

and your problem is what exactly?

Please read.

i understand your issue what i dont understand is your demeanor toward me providing you a solution to the issue. maybe its just me, carry on.

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