Can you make a car engine on snap!

(the car driving engine)

**I tried to make a car driving engine by myself and it didn't work? **

**I tried using scratch to help but it failed. **

can you guys help me fix this problem

Hi @12039487751 welcome to Snap! Can you post a Snap link to your project or what you're trying to do in more detail so the community can reply and help

here it is Snap! free roam driving simulator (

i don't think the code for it is particularly good but what about it doesn't work? the car seems to move around just fine

I can help you make a better Car Game Engine on Snap. Just give me a few minutes.


but it is only limited to the backdrops and it needs to be on a separate sprite

what is? i don't know what you mean

Sorry it took so long BUT YES! I have my Car Engine ready!

Just saying, I used Scratch to do all the code and then used Snapinator to transport it here. HOWEVER, Snap and Scratch are VERY different. For example, I toned down some variables in Snap! because the car was too fast (This didn't happen with the Scratch version).

I can show you what I mean in 2 hours

No, not really..?

Also, you've said that a lot, so just don't.

Scratch works at 30FPS, :snap: @60 so loops go twice as fast.

As for the engine:

  • real car wheels turn left-right even if the car stops, so direction should be maintained constantly
  • when moving backwards, the steering should work the reverse way

Oh :frowning:

I'm just so used to using Scratch...I wish I can tone down the FPS of Snap.

Not really, you can only turn if your car is moving.

Well I can code that into my car game engine next if anyone wants that.

i'd reccomend learning about deltatime calculations, if you do it properly framerate shouldn't matter

The wheel rotate based off of the rotation of the steering wheel, regardless if the car is on or not, as it uses mechanical parts to move it, so they don't require any power.

thank you

You're welcome

(I'll link a Scratch version as it is more realistic later)

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