Can you make a bot in Snap?

So in apps like Discord, you can make bots by accessing the API of it. You also need to make an account for that bot.

So can you make a bot in Snap! by accessing its API (Like @system)?

EDIT: Okay, @system probably isn't a bot on Snap!, but, it looks like a bot and acts like a bot.

You think of a bot manipulating Snap!s forum posts (BTW: it's Discourse).
Or a bot, written in Snap!, to get to the Discord server?

Also I am NOT planning on making a bot in Snap! as I don't know Javascript or API stuff. Just asking in case someone who IS experienced in this Javascript or API stuff wants to make a bot for the Snap! Forums.



"I'm just asking for a friend..." :~/

I know JS but I have no clue how to make a bot for discourse.

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