Can you do this in snap or is that only scratch


libLisp script pic

I'm talking about the pink part

libLisp script pic

is there any coding for it?

I'll send the link

No. You don't need it to be reddish pink to be a custom block. I could add code to it, but I didn't feel like it.

You can create custom blocks in any category, which allows yiu to put movement based custom blocks in the motion category, pen based blocks in the pen category, list blocks in the list category, etc. If you really want the pink color, then you can create a custom category (right-click block palette > make a category), and set the color (you can right-click the color picker to choose the color using rgb values). Then you can add blocks to that new category you made.

Don't you guys think the issue is that @mtrout_27 didn't understand about smart script pics in the forum, and that you expected them to drag your one pictured block into Snap! to see inside it? So all this about block colors isn't really responsive, if I'm reading everyone's minds correctly. The conversation would have been smoother with a script pic made in the Block Editor. (Which is what we all usually do to explain code! Why is this conversation different from all other conversations?)

@mtrout_27: Pretty much all of the Scratch primitive blocks are available in Snap!, one way or another. (We haven't duplicated all of their extensions for hookups to particular robots and stuff like that.) Here's what @bluebaritone21 was trying to say:

the 2nd block should be "point in direction (direction #).

Oops. My bad.


I wrote that code. Brian just posted a script pic of it.

This is what @bh said,

but this is what YOU said. I don't get what you said by

How do you think I got the quotes?

No, that's different, and "all the way up" is just the OG post, which ISN'T a script pic, it's a Scratch script.


Does this help?
libLisp script pic

Sorry. I guess I just got in the habit of posting script pics of just the block. Forgot that being able to drag them in the editor isn't completely obvious.

Oh, posting script pics is great! Just pick the right one. :~)