Can we has display names ples?

I think it would be cool if we had display names, because i know username changes would be very hard to do.

Any thoughts?

I like the idea!

What's a display name?

I think it's like a name that is shown instead of your username.

I personally don't like the idea as it leads to impersonation.

Also, it's more of a feature request for Discourse.

Yeah! Someone else's problem! :~)


A display name is like your username, when posting on the forum or publishing a project it would show your display name. If someone looked up your profile or profile on the forums it would show your username. Basically it is a display username. The only purpose of it is to not have to make username changing and make people able to change their display.

Clicking on the profile would show their username though.

Yeah, but who does that? I know I don't

I do.

If you want other users to see your name, simply include it in your profile, as I did.

well it would be cool if it were real

you should request that on the Discourse forums

i should

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