Can we change the cloud save?

Hello, admins/creators of Snap! I'm working on recreating JSAB (Just Shapes And Beats), and some of the songs are quite long. But because the limit is 10MB, I can't save it to the cloud. Is there any way you can change the limit to at least 50 or 100MB?
It's only 5 sprites, and I already can't save it to the cloud!
This is just something that I want to change.
Thank you,

Umm. "Cloud" is just a metaphor, you know; we have to pay for the space to store your projects! Can you host the media somewhere else and use the URL block to load them when your project starts up?

We're thinking about letting users link their Snap! account to their Dropbox or Drive account, so you can participate in the community site but pay for your own storage, and then we wouldn't impose a limit.

Ohhhh, okay. that makes sense. Thank you

So um, can I have some help with the url block? would I just put the project link inside it?

No, you would put the data, probably in json format, on some website. A good website that works well with the url block is github pages.

oh alr. thanks

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