Can we add comments?

Can we add comments, like commenting to projects. It will be really helpful to share your thoughts about a specific game.

Fr, and before anyone says this: Creating posts to comment on projects not already shared to the forums is not what the forums is about

wat u mean?

typing stroke sorry

no prob

It has been requested a lot of times before, and is on the When Things Slow Down™ list. It means that it will be planned much later than usual. See this topic for more info:

Allow me to hopefully put it in better words.

Any topics for published projects such as "what are your ideas on #" or "comments for #" probably shouldn't be hosted on the forums. I prefer finding some sort of comment website and linking it to your project.


If you want to receive feedback on a project, then share it and make a post about it here in the share your projects category.

If people find it interesting, they'll comment on it :slight_smile:

This idea, along with a Like Button, has been proposed countless amounts of times here in the Snap! Forums, and the Snap! Team has been thinking for on and on about how they should implement Comments, that is if they choose TO implement Comments.

The reason why they don't want to add Comments (or a potential reason, if they choose TO add Comments) is because they don't want to end up like Scratch. Scratch originally was centered around coding but as more and more users came in it slowly turned into a social media website. Don't get me wrong - there's still coding on Scratch, but the thing is that I see more people make accounts on Scratch specifically to play a Griffpatch-made MMO rather than...learn how to code.

Snap! is centered AROUND coding, like how Scratch used to be, and we want it to stay that way. If comments exist I think there'd be users who'd post stupid comments trying to diss people and troll them or something...

Another reason why they don't want to add Comments (or, yet another, a potential reason, that is if they choose to add Comments) is because people might Comment things like "This project is good!" over and over and that useful to the person who made the project? No...I don't know what is good and what is bad, I don't know what I should change with that Comment. The Snap! Development Team wants Comments to be a useful tool for people, rather than a system in which people can share their thoughts or feelings with a simple and vague "This is good".

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