Can someone turn this into a coding without it saying this

Screenshot 2024-04-11 8.32.04 PM

I didn't put a number

Probably because variables default to 0, causing unexpected problems when using list blocks. You can fix this by setting the variable to untitled script pic (2) on start.

Get a list block and click the left black arrowhead to get this block.

share the project

where do i put it?

share it

I don't know about your project, but if you decide to reset the variables to default, put that there.

Screenshot 2024-04-11 8.40.58 PM
you never established animations as a list in your code

i did

i just looked at your code. animations is a 0


nope you never set animations to a list

also your clone id should look like this
Retro bowl script pic (1)

So that's it... simply place [scratchblocks]list::list reporter[/scratchblocks] on the scripting area and click it.


does this also count as *
Screenshot 2024-04-12 9.49.04 AM

Multiplication and division are opposites, so no.

in theory. division uses multiplication

long division does

but no / is not *