Can someone tell me what is wrong with the scripts in this Ludo game?

The project is here.
There are lots of bugs, but can you tell me why the the counter doesn't straightaway move to the board when I roll a six?
Also, how do I embed it?

There aren't any "when I recieve done" scripts.

What do I need them for?

in this script,
Ludo script pic (2)
it broadcasts "done", but there is no sprite that receives "done" so broadcasting "done" does absolutely nothing.

Yes, I thought I might use, but all I actually needed was
[scratchblocks]broadcast [roll v] and wait[/scratchblocks], and I forgot to take

[scratchblocks]broadcast [done v][/scratchblocks] out.
I think the problem is something to do with the lists, but I'm not quite sure watt.

yeah, that could be it. I also noticed a lot of useless warp blocks (you don't need warp around custom blocks that have warp inside them)

But I might change it, and I want it to be easily adaptable.

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